Ok...now i really have to say "WHAT THE FUCK !"

This song is exactly how I feel right now

I haven't used this song to represent my mood for a very long time

but hey, you brought them back


it's like that every single time

she has never changed and I don't think she will, ever!!!!!

This makes me super mad, and I mean SUPER!

She will never know how I really feel or what I'm really thinking

or should I say "she never really cares to understand me"

what's best for me?

a life I want or a life she wants me to have?

who is best for me?

a guy I love or a guy she wants me to love ?

I wouldn't ask for this if I have nothing important to do there

but why doesn't she understand

so what now

I'm not good enough? I'm not mature enough?

what? you feel ashamed of me now?

what do you want me to do?

I know the path you want me to get on is the easiest way

but I am not able to do that...I wish I can ...but I just can't

and you never care to see that

you never care to see how frustrated I am

you will never know

you are pushing me away day by day

you will never know

you are killing me bit by bit

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