OMG..I was super embarrassed today

So..I was talking to Cheng on the phone when I was getting dressed

and I guess I was too concentrated on talking to her

and didn't realize that I forgot to wear my b stuff

then I was walking on the way to class

and suddenly, I felt quite "free" today

and yes....I found out that I forgot my b stuff.......

I have to say

the feeling at that moment is like when I find out my jeans are unzipped

and of course I came back to my apt. early....

but I's not all that bad

at least, since I came back early today

I could get to meet Evie(right spelling this time), and to give her the treats I bought her yesterday


we went to the park

and she loves to chase after the runners and play with leaves

since she is so small

just imagine her running with her short legs

isn't that just super "kawaii" ?

I wish I had broght my camera....

but I'll be sure to take some pictures of her next time when I see her

and I will upload those pics. to my album

man...I love her!!

I wish I have a puppy like her, too

I can't believe we found her in the animal shelter.....

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